Korea 2021 – Smaller items in Check in Luggage


Why should you engage in this service with us?
We ensure full transparency with no surprise charges!

Did you know that the prices in Malaysia are about 2-4 times / 200%-400% more than the prices in S. Korea? With us, not only that you’re getting it at local Korean price (definitely cheaper), at most we are only charging you 20% handling fee or less! Still way cheaper than buying it locally in Malaysia 😉 We will also keep you posted so that you will not have any worry with us.

This means:
Buy in Malaysia ↴
– KR Price + up to 200%-400% increase +toll fee/parking fee/petrol/delivery fee
Buy in Korea with me ↴
 – KR Price +up to 20% handling fee + delivery fee


Please read the description on how to purchase.


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Note: Not available for public customers. Private circles only.
This product is simply available to the people who are within my social circles and would be interested to engage this service while I am travelling in Korea.

Thank you for your interest in engaging with our Personal Shopping service! In order for you to have an easier shopping experience, we have created this product page where you can keep track of your order without any trouble! Please follow the following steps on how to order.


How to order | Five Easy Steps:

Step 1: Prepare a shopping list of items in your excel sheet (provide thru email after submit order). You can also provide your shopping list in Google Sheet form (provide link in Cart page) or write your item down in a text form instead (provide list in Cart page). See “Shopping List Example” tab on the format.

Step 2: Input the total product fee into the quantity for “Total Product Price” option. See “How to Find KRW Price?” tab for more information.

Step 3: Once you are ready, you can proceed to check out. For payment, please select the bank transfer option. However, please do not transfer the money to us yet and wait for an email confirmation.

Step 4: When you have received the email confirmation, please proceed to make payment and send us the successful transaction screenshot in the same email thread. We will proceed to change the order status for you.

Step 5: Sit back and relax! Let us do the rest for you 🙂


Limited slots! Available quantities:
a. Small items x 30 units
b. Medium items x 15 units
c. Larger items x 10 units

For bulk orders or larger items, postal services can be used. Please see here: https://blog.itszoelie.com/product/korea-2021-postage/


Shopping List

Format: Brand, Name, Variety, Weight, Price, and Quantity

** Sizes:
Small – A7 size or below 200g
Medium – A5 size or below 500g
Large – A4 size or below 1kg


Google Sheet Template:

Size Brand Name Product Name Variety/Colour Shade / Size Weight Price in KRW Quantity
Small Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Original Regular 100 18000 1
Small Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Original Large 180 25000 1
Medium Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Original Large Set (two bottles) 360 50000 1
Large Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Macaron Mini Set (four bottles) 200 42000 1


Write a list in Cart Page:

1. Small – Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (Berry) – 20g, KRW18000 [1 item]
2. Small – Innisfree Super Volcanic Cluster Pore Mask 2X – 100mL,  KRW13000 [2 items]
3. Medium – Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser – 150ml , KRW 9000 [2 items]
4. Large – Innisfree Re-stay Comforting Body Cleanser Refill Pack – 480mL, KRW 20000 [1 item]

How to find KRW price?

“Why should I provide the KRW price?”
When you know the price in KRW, you are giving yourself full transparency of how much your shopping list would end up costing you. It also gives you more freedom to edit your shopping list whenever and however you like, before you submit the order to us. On the other hand, it helps us to confirm the items that you would like to purchase.

*Please avoid using seasonal / time-limit sale price.

1. Type the brand name and add “Korea” into your search bar
2. Search for the one with the Korean language
3. Search for the product you want to buy/browse the catalogue

Here are a few websites that you can go to:
– Innisfree Korea
– Etude House
The Saem
– The Face Shop
– Clio Korea
– PeriPera Korea
Olive Young
– Rom&nd


1. Please note that we will not proceed with the order if
– An order has not been made
– The funds are not transferred to us.

2. We will be shopping in the Seoul area and we will do our very best to search for your products for you. We will also do our best to ensure that the products will be kept safe until we reach Malaysia and send out the parcels.

3. There will be a handling fee surcharge and each tier has different rates; shipping fee not included in the calculation:
–  20% when order below RM500
–  15% when order between RM500 and RM2000
–  10% when order above RM2000

4. Handling fee includes manual efforts of purchasing, safe-keeping, carrying between countries, and preparing the delivery.

5. We reserve the right to alter (or cancel) the order to ensure maximum accuracy of the orders made, based on the scenarios below:
– Properly listing the order based on the items listed
– Any discrepancies such as wrong product fee, wrong quantity, etc
– Additional item (only applicable before payment made)

6. In the events that we are completely unable to purchase any item for you due to out of stock, we will refund the product money to you. However, the handling fee will not be refunded as we had made efforts to search for the product for you.

7. Cancellations & Refunds are available based on the following conditions:

Full Cancellation:

Before boarding to Seoul:  Full refund and we will keep the 5% handling fee.
When in Seoul & had not started searching: Full refund and we will keep the 10% handling fee.
When returned in Malaysia & fully purchased: Non-refundable. Items will be shipped out as usual.

Partial Cancelation:

When some of the products are not available: Full product fee refund on every unpurchased item. Handling fee, purchased items and shipping fee are not refundable. Items will be shipped out as usual.
When all of the items are not available: Full refund except handling fee for man effort in searching for products.

9. In the events of damaged products caused by airline staffs, we are not responsible for the damage. For reassurance, we will ensure that the products are nicely protected with cloth materials to avoid any possible damages.

10. In the events of robbery, theft or loss of luggage during transit, we are unable to perform refunding. By making a purchase, you are consenting that you understand the difficulty on this and would not demand a refund. For full transparency, we will provide a police report / missing luggage report when available as proof that the event of a robbery, theft or missing luggage had occurred.

11. Deliveries are subjected to T&C. Once the parcel has left our premises, the full responsibility and liability of the safety and the condition of the parcel will be subjected to the courier company. Any delay in delivery, damaged parcel or missing parcel, please dispute with the courier company. For full transparency, we will always record and/or take photos of the condition of the products before packing them into the parcel and handling them to the courier company.