Colour theme: Low highlights/whites and high darkness/blacks. Higher on reddish-orange tones but the colours are soft.

It’s Zoelie / Lightroom Presets:

  1. Make your photo Insta-worthy
  2. Quick & easy installation and usage
  3. One-click transformation

Please do not repost our photos.

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There are plenty of Lightroom Preset tutorials out there but not many people would have the time and energy to analyze how to do it. For convenience, we have curated a list of presets for everyone’s use. The preset can be used with many base photos that are suitable. Every photo have different lighting and colour tones, minor adjustments are always recommended to best fit your images (e.g.: Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows.)

How to purchase/use: Add the product into your cart and proceed with checkout. If you choose to pay via PayPal, you will be able to access the download link in your Order page immediately. If you had opted for bank transfer, the access to the download link will only be approved once we have cleared the funds from the bank account. After you had downloaded the .rar file, proceed to extract and import it into your Lightroom software. (Mobile app: after you have imported the preset, it will appear in the User Preset category.”)

Note: After purchase, please download the preset within 30 days, maximum 3 times.


It’s Zoelie / 滤镜调色软件:

  1. 把你的照片立即成为 网红 INS 美图
  2. 快速下载/上载/使用。
  3. 一键滤镜



网上调色教程有很多 但不是所有人都有时间去慢慢的找,慢慢的参考,慢慢的调色。
为了方便, 我策展了一些漂亮的滤镜,让大家用用。

网红INS调色 | 由于光线和颜色都有所改变,每一张照片都是需要根据实际情况来稍微调整参数。
如何下载/使用: 购买完毕(status: complete)以后,你就会得到下载网页地址。之后就需要用 WinRAR 把软件取出来 便上载到Lightroom里使用。 【电脑版】 请在 “Preset” 里 right-click ,然后再按 “Import” 把软件上载到Lightroom里面 就能使用了。 【手机版】在 “Presets” 里 按右上角有三个点的符号, 按了之后就按 “Import Preset” 把软件上载到Lightroom里。调色软件会出现在 “User Preset” 的类别选择。