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American Love Life and Relationship Malaysia Other reviews Review ZoelieWho

Relationship + Review | An official milestone ft. Wanderlust + Co Libra Zodiac Gold Ring

Wanderlust + Co LIBRA ZODIAC GOLD RING 14K Gold Plating & Cubic Zirconia Crystals RM 139.50 @WANDERLUSTANDCO SHOP đź’ž What’s with the occasion? My boyfriend and I were looking for something that’s like, a statement ring? Something like that? I’m pretty much a convivial person when it comes to celebration/appreciation (i.e.: birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries) and I …

Beauty Beauty talk Kiss & Tell Malaysia Other reviews Review ZoelieWho

Review| Kiss & Tell – Ashleigh Pumps 3.0 in Nude

Recently went to a prom-like event from my university and had to buy shoes at the very last minute (a lot of things happened within that week). A friend of mine suggested these from Kiss and Tell so without much thought, I went straight to the KL Stockists (since I’m from KL). On the prom …

Japanese Other reviews Paper Shoot Review ZoelieWho

Review | Paper Shoot & Paper Camera – Japan Cypress Wood Series

(unpaid review / not sponsored) So my 21st birthday is coming up this October (solo celebrating woohoo~~) and my sister decided to purchase this for me as a birthday present. Quite an expensive choice of a gift but I really, really do appreciate it a lot. Now the concept of non-professional cameras has been around for quite …

American Bath & Body Works Hauls Other reviews Shop Luv ZoelieWho

Review| Bath & Body Works Candles & etcetra

Did you know that a 3-wick Candle (large candle) costs RM130? Can you also guess how much did I spend here? For 9 items, I’ve spent RM313 on them. WHAAAAT ?!?!?!? HOW ?!?!?!??!??!?     Well, actually, Bath and Body Works had a sale 🙂 I’ve bought four 3-Wick Candles, two condensed room scent spray, …

1028 Beauty Beauty talk Clinelle Dolly Wink Featured GNG Studiobooth Malaysia Mamonde Orkid Cosmetics Other reviews Photobook Malaysia Review Skin Care The Butterfly Project Unboxing Wanderlust Things ZoelieWho

Unboxing + Mini Review | Butterfly Project Birthday Presents from 13 brands!

On the 29th of May, I was given the privilege to attend the anniversary party of the community that I joined – The Butterfly Project. It was wonderful and cheery, absolutely the opposite of my personality, and everyone was so amazing around. This is the long list of items that we were provided regarding to …

Jerlynn'L Other reviews Review ZoelieWho

Review| Worst and Best of Jerlynn’L

 A little background of my workplace. It is almost the same as Jerlynn’L. (I’ll assume that Jerlynn’L is a locally based brand since they’ve never talked about where they’re origin from.) The similarity between Jerlynn’L and my workplace is that both of these companies are trying to gain reputation in Malaysia, both are structured organizations …

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