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Review| Worst and Best of Jerlynn’L

 A little background of my workplace. It is almost the same as Jerlynn’L. (I’ll assume that Jerlynn’L is a locally based brand since they’ve never talked about where they’re origin from.) The similarity between Jerlynn’L and my workplace is that both of these companies are trying to gain reputation in Malaysia, both are structured organizations …

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Take A Look | The Butterfly Project 4th Year Anniversary Party by Jerlynn’L

So I was lucky to be able to participate the Butterfly Project’s 4th Year Anniversary Party that was hosted by Jerlynn’L In order to fit into the founder’s budget, Hello Deer was their best option. So this is the venue. This event’s party gift was a surprise from Jerlynn’L which The Butterfly Project crews stressed …

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Review | Jerlynn’L Butterfly Birthday Set

On 29th April, I was lucky enough to be able to attend The Butterfly Project’s 4th year Anniversary Birthday Party and the brand company, Jerlynn’L gave us all a box of goodies each, which is worth at over RM500 per box. Party Event Head over here to read about the party. Anyway, in this box, …

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