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Beauty talk Hauls Unboxing ZoelieWho

Unboxing, Haul & Gifts! | It’s a birthday!

My birthday was the first Sunday of this month and while I didn’t celebrate with many people, I did treat myself the way I couldn’t before. Not only that, I have wonderful friends and an amazing boyfriend who had gotten me something too 💝 Not to mention that there are many perks from brands available …

Beauty talk Hauls Malaysia Review The Apothecary Malaysia ZoelieWho

Review | The Apothecary Malaysia: Solid Colognes in Cornerstone, Hot Shot & Maverick

(unpaid lmao I literally bought this even tho they for men) (update 14/8/2017: the concept is actually very similar to Solid State for Men from Melbourne, Australia)   _______________________   The Apothecary Malaysia: Specially catered for Modern Man. These. Are colognes. Mainly for men. I’m a lady. Not much of a masculine kind. Why did …

American Bath & Body Works Hauls Other reviews Shop Luv ZoelieWho

Review| Bath & Body Works Candles & etcetra

Did you know that a 3-wick Candle (large candle) costs RM130? Can you also guess how much did I spend here? For 9 items, I’ve spent RM313 on them. WHAAAAT ?!?!?!? HOW ?!?!?!??!??!?     Well, actually, Bath and Body Works had a sale 🙂 I’ve bought four 3-Wick Candles, two condensed room scent spray, …

Beauty Featured Hauls Makeup Malaysia Review Wanderlust Things ZoelieWho

Review | Wanderlust Unicorn & Harry-Potter Makeup Brushes

Unicorn Face Brush x Harry Potter Wand Eye Makeup Brush Unicorn Face Brush It’s not a surprise that anything related to Unicorns can be a trend, such as highlighters, clothing, bags and even makeup brushes! One of the greatest hype of all is the Tarte’s Unicorn makeup brush set. Of course, Tarte is a great …

Althea Beauty Hauls Korean Makeup ZoelieWho

Haul| Althea February 2017

Review on these products will be coming up soon 🙂 _____________________________ I’ve purchased seven goodies from Althea and some of them were actually from unheard brands. Guess I’ll give it a try to see how well they work. The Saem Concealer 3.8g – 1.5 Natural Beige Long Lasting Network Polymer Excellent Coverage SPF 28/PA++ Brightening …

American Beauty Colourpop Hauls Makeup Review ZoelieWho

Haul &Review| Colourpop November 2016 Batch

Colourpop! It’s an American brand which many (in America) have at least 3 in their makeup pouch. This brand is, not only affordable but also, a cruelty-free brand. All their products are not “dry”, which means that they are either cream-like, gel-like or liquid-like. I.e.: All their palettes are not powder-formed, something that I realised only …

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