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Beauty Beauty talk Review Skin Care The Cure ZoelieWho

Review| The Cure: Natural Aqua Gel & Skin Cream

So I was given the opportunity to attend The Cure media launch eveny and guess what?   I’m the first guest to reach the event, yay!     ____________________________ ____________________________ This time’s location, which I believe, is one of the small event hall from DPAC or the separated room of Tour Les Jour. I’m not entirely …

Beauty Beauty talk Beauty Tips Home remedy Skin Care SootheThyEczema ZoelieWho

#SootheThyEczema | The Do’s and the Goods

Having eczema is a really horrible experience. I’m 20 years old and I can’t handle it, imagine how a baby could. ____________________________________________________________________________ Hello! So let’s get on with the topic. Let me show you my progress first and then I’ll tell you about what you should do and what to use during your triggered-eczema phase. …

Game w/ Me ZoelieWho

Game w/ Me| How I caught Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini

Yo! You think a girl like me only knows about food, makeup and other stuff BUT NOT GAMES? Think again, I love games, especially Pokemon and Sims (all generations yo!) Here’s why I’m writing this post: So I had a bit of trouble to catch all these guardians but somewhat found a way, which I …

Beauty Colourpop Hauls Makeup Review US - American ZoelieWho

Haul &Review| Colourpop November 2016 Batch

Colourpop! It’s an American brand which many (in America) have at least 3 in their makeup pouch. This brand is, not only affordable but also, a cruelty-free brand. All their products are not “dry”, which means that they are either cream-like, gel-like or liquid-like. I.e.: All their palettes are not powder-formed, something that I realised only …

Beauty Clio I'm MEME Makeup Review ZoelieWho

Review| I’m Meme Fix Lips and Clio Lip Syrup

  Recently I’ve gone a bit mad over Korean lipsticks. I don’t know what’s got into me but I’m also aiming at their coral-shaded ones more than ever. There are two coral ones that I’ve recently got. Memebox x Clio Memebox is very popular for their colour shades and also their collaboration with Pony Makeup …

Beauty Colourpop Hauls Unboxing US - American ZoelieWho

Haul & Unboxing| Colourpop [9 Nov 2016]

Hi! So, I’ve got my parcel today. SHIPPED FROM L.A. TO MALAYSIA!!! Basically, me and my friend decided to buy Colourpop and there was a Free Highlighter promotion, whereby if you hit $80 then you get to take 4 highlighters home for free! So, we did. I made a short video on the unboxing as …

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