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Review| Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink Liptint in [#06] Faded Beige Tulip

Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink
이니스프리 비비드 코튼 잉크

Faded/Light Beige Tulip [06]
빛바랜 베이지 튤립 [06호]
₩9,000 / Rm41.50 | 3.5ml (0.123 oz)
Creme Matte Finishing

Innisfree released their Spring Collection for Vivid Cotton Ink not long ago and they have yet to sell it in Malaysia as of now. It is unsure if they would be selling these here in near future but I’ve got my hands on two through Gmarket 💖 You can also purchase it through Innisfree Global Shopping Mall for RM45.40 each!… but excluding delivery though. You might want to pair up with your friends because free shipping is only available after USD 60 per order (only for July 2018!!). Normal rates for the first half kg shipping fee starts from USD 8.5 (K-Packet) and USD 17.1 (EMS). Do take note that the shade 06 is always out of stock hehe. Click the button below to view:

Innisfree Global Shopping Mall

UPDATE!!! (6th Oct 2018)
They’re selling in Malaysia now!
It is priced at Rm41.50
Available in physical & online store.
Innisfree Malaysia Shopping Mall

What makes this series so unique and lovable is that the formula does not dry your lips, yet it has a creamy matte finishing. This is because it is enriched with shine essence oil complex, with ingredients such as camellia oil, mango seed oil, avocado oil and also cottonseed oil, that keep your lips moisturized all day long. It also leaves a nice tint on your lips which requires minimal touch-ups throughout the entire day.
There are 5 new colours from the Spring Collection. These colours are: Faded Beige Tulip [#06], Pink Tulip Bouquet [#07], Dry Tulip Nude [#08], Vintage Plum Tulip [#09], and  Black Tea Brown Tulip [#10].
I was planning to buy all of the colours but then the list narrowed down to 6, 8, 10. Later on, I’ve decided to only get No 6 instead just to try out and see if I’ll love the formula. Really do love how it looked like on the product model when I was purchasing tho.
The bottle is compact and lightweight, making it convenient to slip it into any of my pockets without feeling uncomfortable when I needed to sit. Superb!
The applicator has a flat tip that makes it easier for every lip shapes as well as sliding into the inner lip corners to fill up the lips seamlessly. The texture of the lip tint is creamy and does not feel heavy nor drying. It feels just like its name: soft and lightweight like cotton.


I have another set of lip tints from CLIO that was bought along with this lip tint so I’ve swatched them together to give you an idea of how different they are. I bought these sets whilst wanting them to be in the same shading range. It can be seen here that Innisfree’s Faded Beige Tulip has more orange tones than CLIO’s Mocha Chip (first lip tint).
CLIO’s Mad Matte Tint series has a bolder and runnier consistency with strong staining characteristics as compared to Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink lip tint, where it has a creamier and vivid colour outcome without staining too deep into the skin. After wiping off the lip tints, Innisfree did not leave any stains whilst CLIO does. This means that this product is relatively safer for pregnant women to use as compared to CLIO’s Mad Matte Tint. (I’ll still advice pregnant women to stop using makeup during pregnancy as it can affect your child(ren) up to a certain extent.)
Also, this lip tint smells so goooooood. You can literally associate the smell with cotton and baby products. So sweet, tender and soft. 💖
You can read about the two lip tints from CLIO here:


My lips are not suitable for the full-lips application so I will be using the Gradient method. In order to apply the gradient method, you should apply the lip product to the inner parts of the lips. Once you’re done, smack your lips together without moving or rubbing them around. You can verbally say BA-BA-BA or just mouth it out that way.
The best part about this lip tint is that it takes almost zero-effort to apply gradient style! It’s true! This is because there is sufficient time between freshly applying and dry-off time for you to smear it across your lips with your finger.
Once the lip products have been evenly smeared across your lips with a gradient effect, use your fingertip to smudge the outer corners further to make it seamless.
Your lips should have a softer appearance after all the steps.

Before & After


[P.s.: All of my pictures were only colour-tone edited to look equal and less yellowish. I personally have no knowledge and time to make my face smaller, eyes bigger, lips fuller, add virtual makeup, etc. I’m just really, really, good at angles in my pictures. Just putting it out here.]


Never have I ever been surprised by a lip product like this. Not only that the colour outcome/payoff is super heartwarming, but the cotton+baby product fragrance, the texture of the product and the minimal touch-up requirement (this part is legit the best) had also made this product super lovable. MY complexion seemed to have brightened up by this lip colour too! Unlike other lip tints, this one is easy to apply and it takes almost zero-effort to smear this tint around before it has been ‘dried’ off so you can take your sweet time to pretty-up your lips! At the same time, it costs between RM 30-35 after converting from Korean Won which would put this product at the most affordable price range for higher-end lip products. I have no more words to say or describe how much I love this product. I can only spam heart emojis to show how much I really love it 💖💗💖💓💖💖💘💗💓💓💖💘💓💗💓💘💘💓💖💓💘💓💗💓💖💗💖💓💖💖💘💗💓💓💖💘💓💗💓💘💘💓💖💓💘💓💗💓💖💗💖💓💖💖💘💗💓💓💖💘💓💗💓💘💘💖💓💖💖💘💗💓
I will definitely repurchase this product once I’ve run out of it. I pray that it would not be discontinued 😫 I really want to keep using it until the end of my life uwu
Tips for boyfriends: This is the best gift you’ll ever buy for your girlfriend.
If there isn’t any better substitute til May next year, I will purchase a few from Korea and give them away for y’all to try 🙂 Speaking of giveaways, there are currently 4 pending giveaways available [tips: Colourpop & Eglips]. They will be announced real soon. The only reason why they’re not released yet is that I’m still writing my reviews on them. No worries, they are simple to join.
It’s just a two-steps giveaway on Instagram.
  1. Follow my Instagram account (@ZoelieWho)
  2. Like and comment on the giveaway post
There will be some basic terms and conditions which will be noted in the blog posts respective to each giveaway products. On and all, I’ll be announcing them on my Instagram whenever I’m ready to make sure you’ve followed me and stay tuned!


Rating 👑

Colour shade: 100% MLBB
Colour Payoff: ✨✨✨✨✨
Smell: 👌👌👌👌👌
Comfort: 🙆🙆🙆🙆
Durability: 👄👄👄👄
Staining: 👄👄👄
Price: 💰 | 👍👍👍👍
Smudgeproof: 🙅🙅🙅
Transfer-proof: 🙅🙅🙅
Availability: 😓😓😓😓
Repurchase: Absolutely Yes.
Reason: Although failed smudgeproof and transfer-proof test but a creme tint is expected with such result. Overall performance is amazing.


Here features the photos that were not used in the content. My blog is pc-browser friendly so it may look a little bit disoriented if you’re reading this on mobile devices.

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  1. I ordered this on the 22nd of August and got it the 7th of September. I was supposed to get it the 23rd of September, so that was exciting. After trying it for a few days, it's actually very nice. It leaves a great tint afterward. I'd definitely buy again.
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    See more at here:

  2. That's great t hear! Perhaps buy more shades and have more fun >w<

    Thanks for reading my blog post too! <3

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